What our future holds part 2: Drones

One amazing piece of technology is the drone.

A drone is a remote controlled flying machine basically that can do A variety of things actually. Some of the lower end drones can only fly by remote control. They have distances of up to 50 meters to 50 miles and beyond. There are military grade drones on the high-end that have bombs attached to them that are used to remotely kill people. Then there are things like spy drones which are used by government agencies to spy on people high in the sky have amazingly accurate cameras on them. And then you have other personal drones that have cameras on them as well and that could be controlled from your smart phone. Again this is pretty amazing technology. Especially considering that just about 10 years ago a remote-controlled plane was sitter highly advanced.

Even in the consumer realm, you can buy a drone that holds a machine gun, attached is closest to the ground and basically blowup anything you want. Here’s a quick video of that happening if you don’t believe me:

It’s pretty graphic content, nobody dies in a car loan up to smithereens if you’re into that kind of stuff. And according to Mike Adams, the health Ranger of naturalnews and the article that he wrote on personal drones, he truly believes that these little assassination type rooms will bring about a revolution of freedom in the same sense that guns and the average person having access to them brought about democracy. And I would definitely agree with Mike’s assessment of that situation. Let me think about it. When did democracy or a constitutional republic ever happen. Continue reading “What our future holds part 2: Drones”

What the future of technology holds (part 1)

Technology as a fencing at a very rapid pace. According to certain study, technology rose by 50% every year. It’s estimated that a computer will become put the obsolete and outdated within 18 months, along with everything a programmer knows.

Growth has really achieved exponential growth in the technology sector. I think the technology will continue to explode, although I’m not sure it’s really good for humanity.

Here’s a couple of my thoughts were I see technology especially in consumer technology advancement.

3D printing

3D Printer Printing

One of the first major breakthroughs in technological advance for the average person is going continue to become more popular is 3D printing. If you don’t know what 3-D printing is, it is basically a little self manufacturing device that “prints” three-dimensional objects. And it usually does that with a seemingly robotic hand that melts the plastic into a certain shape once the outline and dimensions are given to it from your computer. I honestly believe that that technology is going to absolutely explode and ultimately make manufacturing totally obsolete. So right now were at a point where we have companies, multibillion dollar companies that manufacture so many products that we go to the store to purchase. Things like nails, tools, but, scissors, everything imaginable you can get at places like target, Walmart, Home Depot, different specialty stores, etc. etc. I for see that in my lifetime, or even in the next 20 to 40 years, but the average person will own a 3-D printer in the same way that they will own a cell phone or a computer. And I think that’s going to rapidly change how the world works. I think it’s going to change how people work at their jobs because I think will be even more layoffs but I think they’ll be a greater opportunity for bettering meant kind with the 3-D printing devices. Just as the Industrial Revolution kind of, and I say kind of very carefully here, improved humanity, I think three D printing proves it even more because it will lessen the cost of goods and allow people more free time and to build and to print things of value that we can’t even imagine right now. There are even some researchers and scientists that are printing and trying to “print” organs for people.

How absolutely crazy is that? Continue reading “What the future of technology holds (part 1)”

Future of Technology

Hey guys, my name is Peter Phitts and I started this blog to write about the future of technology and how I believe it will impact our world.

There’s no question that technology has advanced rapidly since the onset of the steel plow, as seen in this video below:

I truly believe that that was the most important technological advance and because of what it enabled. Before that, food production was extremely small scale and slow. That means it only allowed for a relatively low amount of agricultural output. But the steel plow invented around the 1850s, allowed for a walk more massive scale agricultural production. And with more agriculture means more people.

And also with more Ag means that people are going to have more time on their hands and less and less people are going to have to work specifically as a former for food. This is how civilizations work. People move from hunting and gathering which mostly our uncivilized people because they don’t live in a civilization, and they gather a round usually a city and they produce food, or at least the farmers do. And then the sir plus, allows for specialization of labor. And that specialization of labor is not just for the necessities, but we can’t start to realize our highest potential as humans, which means the arts, music, and literature can flourish for the most part in technologically advanced society’s. But that has to come with advancements in agriculture. Now, in this day and age, less than 1% of the population are farmers.

Although we don’t produce a lot of quality mart and music or literature anymore, we still have the ability to do it . And now the technology has changed so rapidly in the past 150 years. We’ve gone from a country that produces a small mountain food, and the invention of the steel plow allowed us to produce a heck of a lot more food. And then that led us into other technological innovations which led to the industrial revolution which changed everything.

Specialization of Labor

So now, instead of craftsmen and small boutique laborers if you will, we had mass production. And that’s not to say that there was no mass production in the past, such as the great civilizations and Egyptian pyramids who used slave labor to mass produce great works of architecture… I’m talking about the average person who now worked in factories instead of on farms more in the street as laborers. The scale of which technology change the game and change society was now on a massive scale. And I’m wondering if that change was for the good? That’s something that I’m going to be talking about here on my new website, digital destiny. So after Lucian we had the invention of the car.

And we all know how that changed our country and our world. You could now travel hundreds of miles per day and go wherever you want it as compared to even the railroad which also change the game. And then we had commercial flight. This now allowed us to travel thousands of miles and travel freely. So the opportunities at “very large, but now the world is so much smaller.c and then we had the invention of masculinity Asian. With the telegraph, with the phone system. And then in the mobile or mobile telephone system which start to really develop in the 1990s. And now with the Internet and smart phones, the world is more interconnected never had been in the past. And so I’d like to ask a question, what is our digital destiny?

What will our future hold?

Will it only be good with the technology be used for bad? I think this depends on the morality of the people. One of the biggest friends, which I will write about in the future, is the mechanization of labor. I’m talking about robots. That is the future. Another thing is going to be personal manufacturing. And what I’m talking about there is 3-D printing.

And another factor for self-defense it’s going to be thrown warfare made available to the public. And that is already happening now because you can get an assault rifle and attach it to a drone, or you can attach a bomb a sensually to a drone and do whatever you want with it. So there are some very interesting technological developments that will be used for good, but just like anything, anytime, they could be used for good or for bad. So I hope to share the good uses of technology and how it will affect our little and technogical future.